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Riverbed SteelHead CX 5070 Series
Market-leading WAN optimization eliminates distance as a performance inhibitor

Riverbed SteelHead CX 5070 Series

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SteelHead CX/GX delivers best in class optimization for today’s Hybrid WANs, accelerating the performance of all applications to improve productivity and reduce costs.

SteelHead optimizes the entire hybrid enterprise from on premises to whichever cloud solution or combination of the hybrid cloud that’s right for your business. For every App. Every User and Every Network in your enterprise.

SteelHead empowers IT to strategically manage the hybrid enterprise with:

  • Optimization: We deliver up to 100x performance for on-premises, cloud, and SaaS applications with optimization across the hybrid enterprise to users everywhere.
  • Visibility: We identify more applications than any other vendor to streamline management and provide integrated network, application and end user visibility, for optimal application performance.
  • Control: We provide centralized, policy-based controls that are application-centric, so you can easily, direct, prioritize and secure applications across various network paths.

SteelHead delivers:

Industry Leading Optimization

By addressing not only bandwidth, but also latency, SteelHead uniquely addresses network performance completely, to deliver the best end-user experience - while minimizing the impact on infrastructure.

SteelHead leverages:

  • Patented Data Streamlining to eliminate redundant data transfers
  • Transport Streamlining to reduce TCP round trips and data per trip
  • Application Streamlining to reduce application transactions

Application-Intelligence and Control

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) on SteelHead precisely identifies application flows and classifies over 1,300 applications - on-premises, in the cloud or SaaS. Applications are automatically organized into groups that are logical to the business and to which global policies can easily be applied to meet business requirements and application SLAs.

Built-in security

SteelHead delivers optimization for demanding security protocols such as SSL/TLS and HTTPS and secures all traffic flowing between SteelHeads, whether over private (MPLS) or Internet links. Strategic partnerships with Zscaler, and support for external HSMs such as Safenet, offer flexibility for security requirements and simplified integration.

Secure Web Proxy

SteelHead offers an embedded, single-ended web proxy delivering latency reduction and bandwidth savings for video traffic including VOD, and live streaming such as YouTube.

Enterprise Scalability

SteelHead can support up to 1 million connections through an intelligent, scale-as-you-grow performance architecture. SteelHead Interceptor amplifies the solution to enterprise scale, with load balancing intelligence and high availability to meet and scale network-wide throughput.

SteelHead for Hybrid WANs is available in a variety of form factors/models, including appliances, virtual software and cloud instances.

Visibility, Optimization and Control for the Public Cloud

The Business Challenge

The hybrid enterprise with multiple datacenters, branch offices, and public and private environments faces performance limitations inherent in networks and applications—bandwidth constraints, latency, and competition among applications. Dynamic SaaS applications, in particular, frequently experience slow performance and deliver a less-than-optimal user experience due to the distance from the cloud to the user

As organizations migrate their initial data and later broaden their application footprint into the cloud, ensuring that applications perform as needed and as guaranteed becomes critical. For SaaS and cloud applications, reduced application visibility, loss of control, and slow or unpredictable performance, as well as difficult migrations and complex deployments, can challenge IT.

The Riverbed Solution

Built for public cloud environments, Riverbed® SteelHead™ CX for Cloud extends Riverbed’s #1 optimization solution for hybrid enterprises to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds. SteelHead CX speeds migration to the public cloud and accelerates access for users from virtually any location.

SteelHead CX for Cloud delivers the best end user experience across hybrid networks by optimizing application performance for cloud and Software-as-aService (SaaS) applications. The solution helps ensure you can meet application performance SLAs for users no matter where they are located, regardless of network latency and enterprise bandwidth limitations.

Compatibility with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and VMware ESX-based cloud and vCloud Air environments offers the freedom to deploy applications in nearly any cloud and move between cloud providers with ease. SteelHead accelerates the majority of cloud providers and has been certified for Microsoft Azure and VMware vCloud Air.


Key Features In-Depth

Accelerate everywhere

  • Accelerates application migration and user access to the cloud
  • Accelerates the delivery of enterprise data and applications in public cloud environments
  • Leverages multiple optimization techniques, including data, application, and transport streamlining, as well as specifically-designed SaaS and cloud intelligence
  • Uniquely ensures optimal end user experience, despite distance from the cloud to the user, with GeoIQ for Office 365

Visibility and control over optimized applications

  • Enables end user monitoring and troubleshooting for SteelHeadoptimized and non-optimized enterprise Web and SaaS applications through seamless integration with Riverbed® SteelCentral™ AppResponse
  • Supports end-to-end network monitoring and reporting through seamless integration with SteelCentral NetProfiler
  • Improves problem resolution with on demand gathering of packet and flow data from the branch through activation of SteelCentral NetShark
  • Dynamically selects the best application path based on application-aware, business intent-based policies, and network availability
  • Leverages simplified configuration with REST API for hybrid network services—path selection, QoS, and secure transport—and custom API scripts for monitoring

Transparent cloud interception

  • Simplifies the integration of optimization into the cloud’s highly automated, heavily virtualized environments where the servers’ physical locations may change at any time
  • Provides automated redirection to appropriate SteelHead CX cloud instance even when server IP addresses or subnets change

Simple portal-based management

  • Connects to supported cloud providers with SteelHead Cloud Portal
  • Allows you to deploy and manage a SteelHead CX cloud instance with just a few clicks
  • Offers simplified management and licensing, plus instant upgrades, of SteelHead CX for Cloud


Improved application performance

  • Increases application and data transfer performance by up to 100x while reducing bandwidth utilization by up to 95%

Effective utilization of network resources

  • Delivers traffic prioritization and shaping to allow optimal utilization of MPLS and Internet circuits while meeting business requirements

Reduced MTTR with integrated visibility

  • Enables cost savings by reducing MTTR by over 2x in 79% of deployments (Source: TechValidate. TVID: FFB-228-288)

Reliable and efficient hardware performance

  • Enables savings in power consumption, leverages SSD-based hardware, and supports organizational growth with more users per unit of rackspace

Accelerate applications and reduce bandwidth consumption

  • Increases application and data transfer performance up to 100x
  • Reduces bandwidth utilization by up to 95%, thus deferring costly network bandwidth upgrades
  • Increases throughput and the number of connections in a single box by up to 50%

Cloud flexibility and platform choice

  • Offers compatibility with a wide variety of cloud services for the freedom to move between cloud providers with ease
  • Quickly integrates with other SteelHead solutions
  • Provides elastic sizing and easy cloning for a scale-as-you-go infrastructure for cloud

Cloud-like, cost-effective economics

  • Shift from high capital expenditures to lower operational expenditures
  • Manage cost and effectively offer the right service levels based on user demand with monthly subscription-based pricing models and commitments as short as six months

Technical Specifications:

SteelHead CX: Model Specifications

  Branch office SteelHead Mid-Size Office SteelHead
Model CX255 Series CX570 Series CX770 Series
Configurations U L M H L M H L M H
Profile Desktop
Upgradeable To 255 L/M/H 255M/H 255H - 570 M/H 570-H - 770-M/H 770H -
Optimized TCP Connections & UDP Flows 50 75 150 230 2753 4503 7003 1,0003 1,500 2,5003
Optimized SSL/TLS Connections 50 75 150 230 2753 4503 7003 1,0003 1,500 2,5003
Optimized WAN Capacity1 2Mbps 6Mbps 10 Mbps3 10 Mbps 20 Mbps3 30 Mbps3
Network Services – WAN Capacity2 10 Mbps3 30 Mbps3 50 Mbps3 100 Mbps3 150 Mbps3
Network Services – Flows4 8,000 8,000 16,000
Network Services – Rules/Classes5 300 500 1,000
Data Store Capacity 50GB 70 GB SSD 150 GB SSD
Web Proxy Cache Capacity 50 GB 50 GB 50 GB 100 GB11
Storage Fault Tolerance - - -
Hot Swappable Drives - - -
RAM10 2 GB 2 GB 4 GB
Expansion Slots (PCI-e)7 - - -
Included Bypass Ports (Copper) 2 4 4
Max. # of Bypass Ports 2 4 4
SteelHead SD Capable No Yes Yes


  Large Office or Data Center SteelHead
Model CX3070 Series CX5070 Series CX7070 Series
Configurations L M H M H L M H
Profile 1U 2U
Upgradeable To 3070 M/H 3070 H - 5070 H - 7070 M/H 7070 H -
Optimized TCP Connections & UDP Flows 3,000 6,000 9,000 16,000 30,000 80,000 110,000 180,000
Optimized WAN Capacity1 50 Mbps 100 Mbps 200 Mbps 400 Mbps 622 Mbps 1 Gbps 2 Gbps8,9
Network Services – WAN Capacity2 250 Mbps 500 Mbps Unrestricted
Network Services – Flows4 48,000 96,000 192,000 256,000 512,000
Network Services – Rules/Classes5 2,000 4,000
Data Store Capacity 320 GB SSD 1.8 TB SSD 2.4 TB SSD 4.8 TB SSD
Web Proxy Cache Capacity 200 GB 300 GB 400 GB
Storage Fault Tolerance RAID6 RAID6
Hot Swappable Drives 4 8 8 10 18
RAM10 12 GB 24 GB 48 GB 64 GB 128 GB
Expansion Slots (PCI-e)7 2 4
Included Bypass Ports (Copper) 4 4
Max. # of Bypass Ports 12 20
SteelHead SD Capable Yes No
1. Optimized WAN capacity limit is enforced on outbound optimized traffic. Inbound optimized WAN traffic is not capped 2. Maximum outbound WAN throughput. For SteelHead SD models the WAN capacity is equivalent to VPN throughput performance. Full VPN throughput spec for SteelHead SD 3070M/H models may not be achievable in all environments 3. RiOS 8.6.2b or later 4. Inclusive of all optimized and/or managed flows 5. Maximum number of classes plus rules. Not applicable to SteelHead SD models 6. RAID1 configuration for HDD, Data store uses fault tolerant striped (FTS) configuration for SSD 7. Optional Network Bypass cards: Dual and Quad LX and SX GigE Fiber GigE, Quad Copper GigE, 10GbE SR/LR 8. No enforced optimized WAN bandwidth limit 9. 7070-H WAN capacity is specified at up to 2 Gbps for branch-to-data Center workloads and up to 3 Gbps for data center-to-data center workloads 10. SteelHead SD models have a larger RAM size: CX 570 = 8GB, CX 770 = 12GB, CX 3070 = 16GB 9. 7070-H WAN capacity is specified at up to 2 Gbps for branch-to-data Center workloads and up to 3 Gbps for data center-to-data center workloads 11. SteelHead SD model 770H Web Proxy Cache Capacity is 50GB NOTE: All WAN capacities, connections, flows and rules/classes specifications listed are maximums and may not be achieved simultaneously and/or in all environments

SteelHead CX: Power & Physical Specifications

Branch Office SteelHead Mid-Size Office SteelHead Large Office or Data Center SteelHead
Model CX255 Series CX570 Series CX770 Series CX3070 Series CX5070 Series CX7070 Series
Dual Power Supplies - -
Power [Watts] (Typical) 30 45 50 123 233 416
BTU 102 145 165 418 794 1419
Temperature2  0-45°C / 32-113°F (Operating)
-40-65°C / -40-149°F (Storage)
10-35°C / 50-95°F (Operating)
-40-70°C / -40-158°F (Storage)
Relative Humidity1  20%-80%, non-condensing (Operating)
5%-95%, non-condensing (Storage)
20%-80%, non-condensing (Operating)4
50%-80%, non-condensing (Storage)5
Operating Acoustic noise(Typical) 45 dBA 7.0 BA (operating condition in typical office ambient temperature: 23 +/- 2°C)
System Dimensions (LxWxH)3 13.0” x 8.0” x 1.73”
330 x 204 x 44mm
25.21” x 17.24” x 1.7”
640.43 x 438 x 43.2mm
27.87” x 17.24” x 3.45”
707.8 x 438 x 87.6 mm
Packaging Dimensions 17.7” x 12.2” x 7”
450 x 310 x 180 mm
36” x 24” x 13”
914.4 x 609.6 x 330.2 mm
36” x 24” x 14”
914.4 x 609.6 x 355.6 mm
Weight (without packaging) 5.5 lbs
2.4 kg
6 lbs
2.7 kg
27 lbs
12.25 kg
41 lbs
18.59 kg
42 lbs
19.05 kg
Rail Information Included spare part RMK-010, Orderable RMK-016 Mounting Rail Included
Orderable Spare Part Numbers: RMK-1-VRAIL, RMK-1-PRAIL
1. Operating altitude up to 10,000 feet except in China 6,562 feet (2,000m) 2. In China – for use in non-tropical locations 3. Length is without bezel 4. Max dew point of 21º C / 69.8º F 5. Maximum wet bulb of 28º C / 82.4º F (at temperatures from 25-35º C / 77 – 95º F) NOTE: The availability, export or re-export of these products or specific features are subject to the export laws and regulations of the U.S., EU, Singapore, and the laws and regulations of any applicable foreign agency or authority


Download the Riverbed SteelHead Product Family Spec Sheet (.PDF)

Download the Riverbed SteelHead CX Data Sheet (.PDF)

Download the Riverbed SteelHead Family Brochure (.PDF)

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