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Riverbed CAD Applications
Solutions for AutoCAD, Dassault Systemes, Bentley, PTC, and more

Our solutions enable you to accelerate CAD and CAE applications up to 22 times faster over wide-area networks (WANs). Achieve LAN-like access speeds of centralized design documents by reducing the time required to open, save, and transfer them from remote locations. Reduce bandwidth utilization by up to 99%. Improve collaboration and productivity of design specialists and engineers. Enable real-time collaboration, even for globally distributed teams.


Your CAD software lets your business design, visualize, and document ideas clearly and efficiently. CAD applications let you work more productively and provide the tools to speed new products to market. And while CAD solutions provide outstanding tools for design purposes, the size of the drawing files often exceed hundreds of megabytes in size and can impact the ability of widely disbursed teams to operate effectively. Or solutions help accelerate CAD software over WANs, and, as a result your organization can increase designer and engineer productivity and ultimately decrease overall time-to-market for your customers and their clients.

The result: better collaboration between engineers, designers, and production.


Your engineers and production crews need access to large CAD and GIS data files at project sites, but protecting that data in remote project site locations is cumbersome and expensive. Local-only backups are too vulnerable, especially at temporary and rugged project sites -- losing that data can lead to losses in productivity and project delay penalties. Our solutions allow IT to relocate mission-critical CAD data out of high-risk locations and into data centers, while still giving project site crews the access that they need.

The result: engineers and production crews remain productive at project sites, while CAD data is protected in the data center.


For firms using CAD, being able to share and collaborate on large CAD documents all across the globe is a competitive necessity. Availability and fast access to these files is imperative, but complexity makes trouble shooting difficult. Our solutions ensure better application performance by helping IT organizations identify performance problems faster and accelerate root cause diagnosis, thereby reducing recovery time.

The result: less downtime for CAD applications

Works With

Virtually any CAD applications

By addressing numerous underlying application and infrastructure bottlenecks, Our solutions provide performance enhancement to any TCP-based application. A few specific examples of CAD and PLM applications, with more details about how we can help, include:

Autodesk Autocad

Organizations that depend on AutoCAD software for their design purposes and global collaboration needs often must share documents across great distances. In order to stay competitive, these organizations need a fast, productive experience that’s highly available. If something does go wrong root cause diagnostics and faster recovery time are imperative. Riverbed solutions provide acceleration and performance management for globally distributed companies that are using AutoCAD for their design and engineering teams.

Dassault Systems

Organizations that are using Dassault Systems best in class product development software delivered on the 3D Experience Platform which includes CATiA, Solidworks, Enovia and more, need to ensure high productivity and a fast and global user experience. Riverbed solutions provide acceleration for 3D modeling software that runs in a globally distributed environment, to give users a faster, more product experience and performance management tools that provide root cause diagnostics so IT can find and fix application performance problems.


Organizations that rely on PTC for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) software tools need to ensure high availability, global reach and a fast and easy user experience. Riverbed solutions provide acceleration for these modeling tools, ensure fast and easy access in a global environment and provide IT with the performance management tools to get to the root cause of any performance issue for faster resolution.


Organizations that depend on Bentley’s 2D and 3D modeling software for their design and engineering purposes as well as their global collaboration needs must deliver a fast, productive user experience that’s highly available, easily scalable and offers control of and visibility into performance problems. If something does go wrong root cause diagnostics and faster recovery time are imperative. Riverbed solutions provide acceleration and performance management for globally distributed companies that are using Bentley’s Microstation for their design and engineering teams.

Our Products and Services

SteelHead™ for WAN Optimization

Accelerate CAD and CAE application traffic up to 50 times (and in some cases up to 100 times) while reducing bandwidth consumption up to 99 percent with SteelHead WAN optimization technology.  Whether users exchange CAD files via FTP, email, or remote-file shares, SteelHead appliances can radically improve the speed with which those files move over a WAN. For large files sent over low-bandwidth/high latency links, the gains in performance can easily approach five to 50 times, and in some cases up to 100 times and reduce overall bandwidth consumption by as much as 99 percent.

SteelFusion for branch converged infrastructure

Consolidate project data in a central data center while making it available to users and applications running locally in remote offices.  Riverbed SteelFusion allows organizations to store data in the data center, and project CAD and GIS files from the data center storage over the WAN to local offices without impacting the end-user experience.  Used in combination with SteelHead, SteelFusion products enabled the IT team to consolidate and centrally manage remote servers and storage, streamline data protection, continue operations even during network outages, improve security, and still give end users the LAN performance they crave

SteelCentral™ for application performance monitoring

Troubleshoot poorly performing CAD applications faster with comprehensive monitoring and analytics. Riverbed application performance management solutions let you stay on top of how your CAD applications are performing for users everywhere. Analytics allow you to quickly identify and diagnose issues across complex distributed and virtualized environments.

SteelCentral™ network performance monitoring and diagnostics

Understand and manage network infrastructure from an application perspective. Riverbed network performance management solutions let you plan and monitor network environments end-to-end. Granular visibility and analytics accelerate the troubleshooting process to improve application uptime.