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SteelHead for WAN Optimization
The first name in optimization has evolved for the hybrid age

The #1 WAN optimization solution that delivers applications and data at the fastest speeds across the optimal networks at the lowest cost.

Formerly Known As: Steelhead

Riverbed WAN Optimization solutions helps customers to scale their existing bandwidth and realize more performance and control. They can enjoy up to 20X more effective capacity and accelerate enterprise applications up to 50X. Customers have transformed their WANs from bottlenecks into enablers for where they want to go.

A customer’s Wide-Area Network (WAN) is the foundation of their globally connected enterprise, enabling collaboration, communication, business productivity, and risk mitigation. The performance of their WAN is critical to everything customers do. With Riverbed WAN Optimization solutions, their business runs faster and more efficiently, delivering consistent service levels and cutting the costs of their IT infrastructure.

Products By Name

Use Cases:

Hybrid WAN

Easily leverage and control Hybrid WANs to increase available bandwidth, application performance and network reliability at the lowest cost possible.


Speed up user access and manage the delivery of SaaS applications including Office 365 and, and IaaS clouds.


Provide mobile workers with up to 60x faster performance of business-critical web applications from mobile devices, while reducing bandwidth up to 99%.


Deliver application performance improvements while leveraging the scalability and cost benefits of virtualization.


Overcome bandwidth and geographical limitations, improve productivity and enable global collaboration from virtually any location.

Data Center to Data Center Replication

Transfer and replicate data with greater visibility and control and less cost and risk, ensuring rapid data recovery times and improved business continuity.