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Riverbed SteelCentral Flow Gateway
NetFlow collection for end-to-end network visibility

Riverbed Modeler
This example link-congestion alert was generated automatically based on behavioral analytics when utilization exceeded normal parameters.
Formerly Known As: Cascade Gateway appliance

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Business Challenge

Accurate data collection is a must if you want to truly understand your network. Not just a sampled subset, but complete data about peak usage, packet loss, and quality of service (QoS) is the most powerful way to get real-time visibility and historical insight that can help you optimize delivery of your network services.

Yet in today’s complex network environment, it can be difficult to quickly collect data from different devices and quickly gain an end-to-end view without having to install probes everywhere.

The Riverbed Solution

The Riverbed SteelCentral Flow Gateway solution collects and forwards flow data NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow, IPFIX and other popular flow statistics) from network devices, de-duplicates common information, and then forwards it to the SteelCentral NetProfiler console for network troubleshooting, just-in-time alerts, and reports.

SteelCentral Flow Gateway Virtual Edition runs on VMware vSphere to provide added deployment flexibility.

Key benefits

  • Melivers end-to-end visibility into a flow, enabling reports from different devices to track packet loss or changing qos
  • Minimizes storage requirements as common information is stored only once, but unique information is stored
  • Lowers total cost of ownership (tco) with flow deduplication
  • Utilizes existing network devices, e.G. Routers, switches, and wan optimization solutions, for a scalable, cost-effective way to gain insight into traffic and bandwidth usage

Key Features:

Track 100% of all flow traffic on the network

  • Collects popular metrics from NetFlow (V1, V5, V7 and V9), IPFIX, Enhanced NetFlow, NBAR, sFlow V2 and V5, J-Flow, cFlow, Packeteer FDR, Citrix AppFlow, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco NBAR2, Cisco MediaNet, Cisco ASA NSEL and SteelCentral Flow from SteelHead appliances.


  • Since most collection devices, including SteelCentral Flow Gateway appliances, charge by flow count, you’ll save money because SteelCentral Flow Gateway appliances remove flow data redundancy through deduplication and centralizing the storage of flow data. SteelCentral Flow Gateway de-duplicates flows for end- to-end flow visibility, better accuracy in reporting, and lower total cost of ownership.

Reliable, compressed transmission

  • Flow data is critical when every transaction counts but it shouldn’t clog the network in order for you to analyze it. SteelCentral Flow Gateway aggregates the data, de-duplicates it, compresses it by five to ten times, encrypts it, and then transmits it via TCP for enhanced reliability and reduced impact on the network.

Data granularity

  • All organizations can benefit from continuous flow data analysis, especially those in financial services, trading, government, healthcare, and retail. SteelCentral Flow Gateway supports up to one- minute data granularity so nothing is missed


SteelCentral Flow Gateway appliance supports from 150,000 -- 1.4 million flows per minute.

 SteelCentral Flow Gateway Appliances
Model CAG-2260 Series
Configurations F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
Flow Capacity 150,000 300,000 600,000 800,000 1.4 Million
SteelCentral Flow Gateway Virtual Edition supports from 15,000 to 600,000 flows per minute.
SteelCentral Flow Gateway Virtual Edition
Model CAG-VE-100-F2 CAG-VE-100-F3 CAG-VE-100-F4 CAG-VE-100-F5 CAG-VE-100-F6 CAG-VE-100-F7
Flow Capacity 15,000 30,000 60,000 90,000 300,000 600,000
Hypervisor   VMware ESXi 5.0, 5.1, 5.5    


Download the Riverbed SteelCentral Flow Gateway Datasheet (.PDF)

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