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Riverbed Virtual SteelHead Series
Improve application performance across your virtual data center

Are you looking for ways to optimize WAN performance without supporting physical hardware in your remote locations?

Virtual SteelHead appliance brings the same optimization as physical SteelHead appliances, but without the physical requirements. That makes it ideal for tight spaces and ruggedized environments, such as mobile news vans, construction trailers, and military deployments, to name a few. What’s more, you can manage it with industry-standard virtualization tools, such as VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, for a seamless fit into your fully virtualized data center environments and existing management tools.

Virtual SteelHead: Model Specifications
Model VCX255 Series VCX555 Series VCX755 Series VCX1555
Configurations U L M H L M H L M H L M H
Optimized TCP and UDP flows 50 75 150 230 250 400 650 900 1,500 2,300 3,000 4,500 6,000
QoS Bandwidth(a) 4 Mbps 12 Mbps 12 Mbps 20 Mbps 45 Mbps 100 Mbps
QoS Rules/Classes(b) 300 500 1000 2,000
Disk Capacity Required 88 GB 118 GB 140 GB 188 GB 438 GB
Data Store Capacity 50 GB 80 GB 102 GB 150 GB 400 GB
Virtual CPUs Required (min) 1 x 1.0Ghz 1 x 1.2Ghz 2 x 1.2Ghz 4 x @ 1.2Ghz
Reserved Memory Required 2GB 2GB 2GB 4GB 8 GB
Virtual SteelHead: Model Specifications
Model VCX5055 VCX7055
Configurations M H L M
Optimized WAN Capacity 200 Mbps (c) 400 Mbps (c) 622 Mbps (c) 1 Gbps (c)
Optimized TCP and UDP flows 14,000 25,000 75,000 100,000
QoS Bandwidth(a) Unlimited
QoS Rules/Classes(b) No Published Limit (global QOS limit of 2000 rules and 2000 classes)
Disk Capacity Required 722 GB 1778 GB 2418 GB
Max Data Store Capacity 10 x 80GB 10 x 160GB 14 x 160GB
Virtual CPUs Required (min) 12 x 1.2Ghz 16 x1.2 Ghz 24 x 1.2 Ghz
Reserved Memory Required 16 GB 32 GB 48 GB
NOTE: All WAN Capacity / Bandwidth, TCP Connections and UDP flows, and QoS specifications listed are maximums and may not be achieved in all environments. The WAN capacity limit is enforced on outbound optimized traffic. Inbound optimized WAN traffic is not capped (a)Recommended maximum outbound QoS shaping capacity (b)Total of classes plus rules Available H/W NIC options are NIC-001-2TX (2 port copper), NIC-002-4TX (4 port copper) Note: Virtual SteelHead guests must run at least RiOS 6.1 or later, and support vSphere 4.0 or later release, using ESX/ESXi 4.0 or later. RiOS 6.5.x and later support ESXi 4.1. RiOS 6.5.2 and later support ESXi 5.0. Please refer to the VMware system compatibility guide for servers supported with these VSphere/ESX/ESXi releases. Riverbed network bypass cards NIC-001-2TX, NIC-002-4TX, and NIC-003-4TX are supported by Virtual SteelHead guests running RiOS 7.0.1 or later. Riverbed network bypass cards are supported only on ESXi 4.1 for all current RiOS releases.