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Riverbed Custom and other Applications
Solutions for content management systems, asset management and configuration software, custom and other applications

Our solutions enable you to optimize your custom applications. Accelerate custom or in-house applications over the wide-area network (WAN). Reduce the disruption of business processes by gaining insight into custom applications. Ensure efficient utilization of network and system resources. Improve workforce productivity by accelerating and improving performance of custom applications. Improve visibility into network and application monitoring. Maximize uptime with a range of troubleshooting solutions that apply to custom apps. Centralize data storage while providing remote users with LAN speed access to custom or proprietary applications.


Every organization has a unique mix of applications, including custom applications, that are necessary to operate the business. But the way many applications work over networks can make users in branch and remote locations experience slow performance. Eliminating latency is often not an option, and may be increasing with more consolidation and cloud computing. Our solutions optimize TCP to reduce the impact of latency, accelerating applications while reducing bandwidth utilization.

The result: your organization can increase productivity.


As your company has grown, most likely the number of users and application, including custom or in-house applications, has also grown. As users and applications contend for finite resources, users can experience unpredictability and unavailability of applications. Our solutions provide control over user traffic and network resources to ensure applications scale seamlessly and receive the adequate bandwidth on the network.

The result: better performing applications, more consistent user experiences and more control over global network and application demands.


Ensuring their availability of applications, including custom applications, across the organization and across the globe is a competitive necessity. High availability and fast access to these applications is imperative, but complexity makes trouble shooting difficult. Our solutions can help IT organizations identify performance problems faster and accelerate root cause diagnosis.

The result: better application performance with reduced recovery time, even for custom applications.

Works With

A wide range applications...

By addressing numerous underlying application and infrastructure bottlenecks, Riverbed solutions provide performance enhancement to any TCP-based application. A few specific examples of applications and software include:

Our Products and Services

Application Network Readiness service

Ensures you meet your application deployment goals in the quickest, most risk-proof means possible. The service provides pre-deployment visibility into the performance of applications to prevent production issues related to poor design or insufficient network resources.

SteelApp™ for custom application delivery, control & scalability

Scale applications for high availability with a full-featured Layer-7 software application delivery controller. Prioritize different classes of services, transactions, or users. Reduce time to deliver new features with common development and production load-balancing environements.

SteelHead™ for WAN Optimization

Optimize TCP and UDP applications across the WAN to reduce bandwidth consumption and accelerate applications  up to 50 times with SteelHead WAN optimization solutions.

SteelCentral™ custom application troubleshooting

Troubleshoot poorly performing applications faster with comprehensive monitoring and analytics. Our application performance management solutions let you stay on top of how your applications are performing for users everywhere. Analytics allow you to quickly identify and diagnose issues across complex distributed and virtualized environments.

Application Performance Troubleshooting service

Using Riverbed’s advanced network-based monitoring software and best practice methodologies, RPS quickly identifies the root cause of application performance issues and provides recommendations to resolve problems.

SteelCentral™  for end-user experience monitoring and response time analysis

Understand and manage network infrastructure from an application perspective. Our network performance management solutions let you plan and monitor network environments end-to-end. Granular visibility and analytics accelerate the troubleshooting process to improve application uptime.

SteelFusion™ for custom applications in branch offices

Consolidate data in a central data center while making it available to users and applications running locally in remote offices. Riverbed SteelFusion storage delivery allows the IT team to consolidate and centrally manage remote servers and storage, streamline data protection, continue operations even during network outages, improve security, and still give end users the LAN performance they crave.

SteelScript™ for custom IT applications

Build a customized view of IT data for your application developers, line of business owners, or executives. SteelScript lets you query metrics from your Riverbed application performance infrastructure and beyond, process it as you need to, and present it in a web-based application.