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Riverbed SteelCentral NetAuditor
Network Configuration Management

Riverbed SteelCentral NetAuditor
Formerly Known As: OPNET NetMapper, OPNET Sentinel

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NetAuditor, 1-3 Users
*Price per user.
Our Price: $83,000.00
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Business Challenge

Slow Recovery From Outages

  • Time-consuming, manual troubleshooting workflows slow down identification of root causes and recovery from outages

Staying Compliant

  • Fear of being out of compliance and the penalties that it could bring
  • Always worrying that any network changes may create non-compliance » Keeping up-to-date with the latest security advisories and updates

IT Staff Efficiency

  • Expensive to use manual record keeping up-to-date on constant changes to network topology, settings and configuration » Difficult and complicated to implement and maintain an efficient change system

The Riverbed Solution

Riverbed SteelCentral NetAuditor is a comprehensive configuration management solution for network audit, diagramming, troubleshooting, and change control. NetAuditor uses a web interface to create context-specific maps and diagrams to help troubleshoot network issues. Additionally, NetAuditor’s intelligent analysis and reporting engine performs automated network-wide compliance checks, and analyzes the latest network state to see if there are any device misconfigurations, policy violations, configuration inefficiencies, or security violations. With Provisioner, users can also manage configuration changes and perform software upgrades on network devices with extensive audit trails and detailed management reports.

  • Create on-demand maps and diagrams, including application network paths using a web interface to troubleshoot networking problems
  • Performs in-depth analysis of a variety of networking elements including routers, switches, load balancers, firewalls, and WAN optimizers including Riverbed SteelHead
  • Create automated, high-definition network diagrams using configuration and operational data including the physical, logical and virtual components
  • Offers over 1,500 out-of-the-box rules based on industry best-practices, security standards, and field expertise as well as customized rules and templates for organizational standards and requirements

Related Products

SteelCentral NetCollector Industry-leading deep network discovery to acquire comprehensive data from the network. Riverbed SteelCentral NetCollector acts as the central topology, traffic, configuration and events data repository and event integration engine for Riverbed’s SteelCentral Network Planning and Configuration Management (NPCM) suite.

SteelCentral NetPlanner Automates analysis and planning of multi-technology, multi-vendor networks. It performs “what if” analyses to manage risk and cost associated with network growth and change – accelerating application deployments and migration to new technologies, such as VoIP, VPNs, IPv6, and more. Riverbed SteelCentral NetPlanner’s predictive design environment trends traffic growth for capacity planning, optimizes network designs to reduce the risk of downtime, and proposes QoS configurations to achieve desired network and application performance.

Benefits & Features:

Key Benefits

  • With a web interface, accelerate and simplify troubleshooting with on-demand insight into up-to-date topology and configuration data, and instant identification of recent network changes and compliance violations
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory, organizational, and security policies
  • Reduce operational costs and enhance staff productivity with automated reporting and diagramming
  • Plan for timely handling of hardware and software end-of-life announcements
  • Enable ITIL best practices for change management by maintaining an up-to-date inventory of logical and physical dependencies and network changes

Key Features


  • Create on-demand, context-specific maps and diagrams with a web interface
  • Generate application network paths to troubleshoot application performance issues
  • Highlight configuration differences and configuration violations
  • Easily share results using web URL or download results to an HTML/Visio format

Automated Diagramming

  • Automatically generate high-definition network diagrams using configuration and operational data
  • Provide detailed insight into physical, logical and virtual components
  • Generate professional quality HTML or Visio diagrams
  • Interactive multi-layer navigation
  • Customizable diagram layout and annotations
  • Archive diagrams to maintain historical information and track changes

Policy Compliance and Reporting

  • Rules-based analysis: Over 1,500 rules
    • » Regulatory compliance - FISMA, SOX, HIPAA
    • Security standards and guidelines - NIST 800-53, SAFE, PCI, DISA STIG
    • Best practice guidelines by Cisco, NSA, and others
    • Organizational policies
    • Configuration correctness
    • Fully-customizable rules suite
  • Detect configuration problems before they disrupt network operations
  • Validates device configurations against a “golden” configuration
  • Perform security checks by analyzing ACLs, firewall policies, and other security controls
  • Trend audit results over time
  • Generate detailed inventory reports
  • Track network changes using network difference reports
  • Plan for upgrades using hardware/software EOL notices

Provisioner Module:

The Provisioner module for SteelCentral NetAuditor is a configuration change management solution that allows tight control over changes made to network devices and completes the end-to-end network change lifecycle. Provisioner can also restore devices to a well-known state and perform software upgrades. With detailed reports and logs, all device interactions are tracked.


  • Eliminates slow and error-prone manual methods with an automated, role-based network configuration management service
  • Using a web interface, allow multiple, simultaneous users to make changes to different network segments
  • Control and track changes using central change repository


  • Automated bulk change control using pre- and post-checks
  • Multi-vendor device support
  • Restore device state using backout scripts or archived configurations
  • Upload configurations to newly discovered devices
  • Maintain detailed logs and management reports to track changes
  • Perform operating system software upgrades
  • Integration with third party tools using REST APIs
  • Can be deployed in a high-availability configuration

Provisioner module for SteelCentral NetAuditor

Provisioner module for SteelCentral NetAuditor

For Service Providers:

  • Out-of-the-box auditing of BGP, IS-IS, OSPF, MPLS, and VPN configurations
  • Service summary reports describing configured L2/L3 VPNs and VPLS instances
  • IPv6 readiness assessments to evaluate a network’s ability to support required features prior to migration or deployment
  • Specialized rules to verify subscription/oversubscription thresholds based on client interfaces and services
  • BGP diagram showing neighbor relationships with internal and external peers and route reflectors
  • IPv6 topology diagrams

Provisioner module for SteelCentral NetAuditor
The web-based interface for netauditor accelerates and simplifies troubleshooting workflows
With instant identification of recent network changes and audit violations.

Automatically diagram your network and generate HTML & Visio diagrams


Download the Riverbed SteelCentral NetAuditor Datasheet (.PDF)

Pricing Notes:

Riverbed Products
NetAuditor, 1-3 Users
*Price per user.
Our Price: $83,000.00
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Modules for NetAuditor
Carrier Module for NetAuditor, 1-3 Users
*Price per user.
Our Price: $60,000.00
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NetAuditor Supports
Support NetAuditor, 1-3 Users
*Price per user.
Our Price: $16,608.00
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Modules for NetAuditor Supports
Support Provisioner, 1-3 Users
*Price per user.
Our Price: $11,748.00
Support CarrierAuditor, 1-3 Users
*Price per user.
Our Price: $12,000.00