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Riverbed SteelCentral AppResponse 1200
Real-time application performance monitoring based on actual end-user experience

SteelCentral AppResponse
Riverbed AppResponse automatically calculates a breakdown of user response time into network and server
delay so you can quickly determine where the problem is occurring.

Formerly Known As: OPNET AppResponse

Sorry, this product is no longer available, Contact us to find a replacement or purchase support and subscription renewals below.

Pricing Notes:

Riverbed Products
SteelCentral AppResponse Licenses
SteelCentral AppResponse 1200 licenses
Our Price: $1,045.00
SteelCentral AppResponse Spare FRU's
ARX1200/2200, Ultrastar A7K2000, 3.5 in. 1TB, 3G
Our Price: $2,195.00
ARX1200/2200, Memory 2x2G DDR3 (Spare)
Our Price: $595.00
ARX1200, 2200, Non-Returned Disk charge (per system)
Our Price: $1,995.00
ARX1200,2200, Rack kits, ARX 1U (Spare)
Our Price: $195.00
SteelCentral AppResponse Supports - Learn More
SteelCentral AppResponse 1200 Silver Support
Our Price: $1,524.00
SteelCentral AppResponse Disk/Memory Supports
Disk/Memory Support, ARX1200/2200
Our Price: $995.00