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Riverbed ERP & CRM applications
Solutions for SAP, Oracle E-Business, Microsoft Dynamics, and more

Our solutions can help you optimize the performance of critical business applications. Accelerate enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and other business applications up to 50 times over wide-area networks (WANs) and into the cloud. Prioritize business application traffic for user experience consistency. Scale ERP, CRM, and HRIS applications for high availability during peak demand. Consolidate and centralize application infrastructure. Monitor business applications end-to-end, from the end-user experience, across the network, through multi-tier server architectures, and down to code-level transactions. Improve user experience with performance acceleration and performance management.


Your business depends on ERP and CRM applications, which means users need to be able to transact at the speed of business, from anywhere at any time. But users may be a long way from centralized business applications, which means they experience latency and delay. Our solutions accelerate the performance of ERP and CRM applications over WANs and in the cloud.

The result: more productive business users, with the efficiencies of centralized and SaaS applications.


Your ERP and CRM systems require fault tolerance and scalability to meet high availability requirements, but user increasing volumes of users and other applications on the network make it challenging to deliver consistent performance. We provide control over user traffic and network resources to ensure business applications scale seamlessly in the data center and recieve adequate bandwidth on the network.

The result: more consistent user experiences despite rapidly changing demand and network conditions.


As the backbone of technology-enabled business, ERP and CRM systems have complex interdependencies with numerous other applications and are considered mission-critical. Maintaining uptime and high performance is imperative, but complexity makes troubleshooting difficult. Our solutions help you reduce troubleshooting time with network and application performance management solutions that provide an end-to-end view of application performance, from end-user experience monitoring, network flow and packet analysis, to transaction tracing and component monitoring.

The result: ERP and CRM applications that experience fewer and shorter incidents, as IT becomes more productive and proactive.

Works With:

Virtually any business application

By addressing numerous underlying application and infrastructure bottlenecks, Riverbed solutions provide performance enhancement to any TCP-based application.

SAP Business Applications

Organizations that depend on SAP business applications need to a fast and productive experience that's highly available and quickly troubleshooted. Our solutions provide acceleration for globally distributed business application users, scalability and control for development and operations teams, and improved visibility and troubleshooting for IT organizations.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Organizations that depend on Oracle E-Business Suite, including ERP, CRM, supply-chain planning, and other business applications need to deliver a high-quality user experience for high employee productivity. Our solutions provide acceleration for globally distributed business application users, scalability and control for development and operations teams, and improved visibility and troubleshooting for IT organizations.

Organizations that use or are adopting on-demand software-as-a-service (SaaS) CRM applications, like, need to overcome the unpredictable performance of the Internet to deliver a high-quality user experience to employees. Our solutions provide acceleration for SaaS applications, like, to give sales and marketing users a faster, more productive experience.

Microsoft Dynamics

Organizations that depend on Microsoft Dynamics' suite of ERP and CRM applications need to ensure high productivity with a fast user experience. Our solutions provide acceleration for globally distributed business application users, scalability and control for development and operations teams, and improved visibility and troubleshooting for IT organizations.

Our Products and Services

Application Network Readiness service

Ensures you meet your application deployment goals in the quickest, most risk-proof means possible. The service provides pre-deployment visibility into the performance of applications to prevent production issues related to poor design or insufficient network resources.

SteelHead™ for WAN Optimization

Accelerate ERP and CRM application traffic up to fifty times while reducing bandwidth consumption up to 90 percent with SteelHead WAN optimization solutions. With built-in quality-of-service (QoS), SteelHead products allow IT to prioritize mission critical ERP and CRM applications. Combined, these optimizations improve user experience and support better productivity with efficient use of network resources.

SteelHead™ SaaS for accelerating SaaS applications

Accelerate with cloud-based deployment options for SteelHead WAN optimization. SteelHead™ SaaS combines the Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS), with Akamai's Internet optimization to accelerate end-to-end.

SteelApp™ for Application Delivery Control & Scalability 

Scale ERP and CRM applications for high availability with a full-featured Layer-7 software application delivery controller. Reduce time to deliver new features with common development and production load-balancing environements.

SteelCentral™ for application troubleshooting

Troubleshoot poorly performing business applications faster with comprehensive monitoring and analytics. Our application performance management solutions let you stay on top of how your ERP and CRM applications are performing for users everywhere. Analytics allow you to quickly identify and diagnose issues across complex distributed and virtualized environments.

Application Performance Troubleshooting service

Using Riverbed’s advanced network-based monitoring software and best practice methodologies, RPS quickly identifies the root cause of application performance issues and provides recommendations to resolve problems.

SteelCentral™ for end-user experience monitoring and response time analysis

Understand and manage network infrastructure from a business application perspective. Our network performance management solutions let you plan and monitor network environments end-to-end. Granular visibility and analytics accelerate the troubleshooting process to improve ERP and CRM application uptime.