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Riverbed Accelerating the Delivery of Microsoft Office 365
Delivering the best user experience across networks, locations and devices

With SteelHead Cloud Accelerator, you are now able to extend the same application acceleration and user and business benefits that you’ve experienced with your enterprise applications to cloud services/SaaS applications such as Office 365.

What you get from Riverbed – and only Riverbed – ­in an integrated, purpose built, end-to-end solution is deep application understanding, accelerated application delivery, and global scale wherever the apps or users reside.

Riverbed SteelHead™ SaaS leverages an internet optimization platform, the Akamai Intelligent Platform, for optimizing application delivery across the open Internet.

Deployment Scenarios for Office 365 with SCA

Figure 1: Three Deployment Scenarios for Office 365 with SteelHead™ SaaS and SteelHead appliances


Time required:  Seconds to download a 20.8MB file from SharePoint Online

Time Required Download Sharepoint Online

Bandwidth: MBs used to download a 20.8MB file from SharePoint Online

Bandwidth Download Sharepoint Online


SteelHead for WAN Optimization

Accelerate file-sharing, email, and document repository application traffic up to 50x on average while reducing bandwidth consumption up to 90% or more with SteelHead WAN optimization. With built-in quality-of-service (QoS), SteelHead allows businesses to prioritize mission-critical applications. With SteelHead solutions, the world’s largest businesses and organizations can improve the user application experience and increase productivity with accelerated delivery of business-critical, workload-dominant applications such as Office 365.

Cloud Accelerator (SteelHead™ SaaS)

Accelerate Office 365 with cloud-based, end-to-end deployment options such as SteelHead™ SaaS for WAN and internet optimization. SteelHead™ SaaS accelerates Office 365 application delivery up to 33x faster with bandwidth reduction up to 97% over hybrid networks no matter where the apps and information live – branch offices, data centers, and in the cloud, as well as helps you move those same apps and information to the Microsoft cloud. With SteelHead Cloud Accelerator, the customer consumes Riverbed application acceleration as a per user subscription service in the same way the customer is consuming Office 365 as a service.

The Riverbed SteelHead Product Family - Steelhead, Virtual Steelhead, SteelHead Mobile, Cloud Steelhead, SteelHead Cloud Accelerator, Interceptor, and the Central and Mobile Management Consoles  - work at unison for an end-to-end optimization and management solution that accelerates delivery of applications and data while enhancing IT control and visibility.

The Steelhead Family tightly integrates with the other components of the Riverbed Performance platform, such as Granite (storage delivery), NPM/APM (network and application performance management), Stingray (application delivery), and Whitewater (cloud  storage) for a comprehensive approach to application delivery and availability.


Migrate To Microsoft Office 365 With Speed And Confidence

Riverbed Professional Services offers a portfolio of services that support enterprise customers through key phases of an Office 365 deployment.

Delivered through best-in-class Riverbed products and proven methodologies, Riverbed Consulting Solutions for Office 365 are four complementary solutions that predict how applications will perform before migration, optimize mailbox migration time, and find and fix network and application issues during and after migration.

Key service benefits: