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Riverbed SteelHead CX
Dedicated WAN Optimization for any Sized Environment

Riverbed SteelConnect CX


Application acceleration for the digital enterprise

Today’s Riverbed® SteelHead™ CX is engineered for fast, seamless network integration into remote sites and branch offices, or data centers with scalable performance designed to support a growing number of users, devices, data and application types.

As the market leader in application acceleration, SteelHead CX has proven to dramatically speed up the performance of applications anywhere in the organization while delivering the best end-user experience even under sub optimal network conditions.

Riverbed makes it easy to assure fast, agile, secure delivery of any application to anyone, anywhere.

Business Challenge

The traditional enterprise has evolved into a hybrid one with people, apps, and data everywhere. More and more business-critical applications are moving to public clouds for SaaS and IaaS while others remain on-premises in datacenters. Additionally, organizations are leveraging combinations of hybrid networks (MPLS, Internet VPN, and public Internet) for real-time application delivery to location independent users.

IT is under continued pressure to deliver the highest level of performance in a complex and evolving hybrid network. However, unpredictable application behavior, reduced visibility, and limited control, can all decrease application performance. As a result, businesses and users often experience decreased productivity.

Maximize network performance and mitigate latency


Data Streamlining

Maximize network efficiency


Transport Streamlining

Maximize network performance and mitigate latency


Application Streamlining

Maximize application performance and user experience


Elastic Performance

Optimize any network, accelerate any app, for users anywhere


Accelerated application performance and reduced bandwidth consumption

  • Reduces bandwidth utilization by up to 95%, deferring costly network bandwidth upgrades
  • Increases performance by up to 100x for on-premises applications
  • Leverages application awareness to distinguish between business and non-critical network traffic to select optimal acceleration path
  • Enables rapid, resilient, and secure replication and backup over the WAN
  • Available with virtual platforms such as VMware, Cisco CVIM, and KVM-based Nutanix AHV

Integrated visibility

  • Provides visibility into SteelHeads with SteelCentral NetProfiler for response time analysis
  • Validates QoS classifications and acceleration benefits
  • Improves network troubleshooting capabilities through enhanced packet capture for analysis with Riverbed® SteelCentral™ Netshark

Enhanced control and management

  • Performs ongoing centralized management through SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead, Web Interface, or from CLI
  • Discovers and reports on applications in use across the organization
  • Leverages simplified configuration with REST API for hybrid features— path selection, QoS, and secure transport—and custom API scripts for monitoring
  • Secures optimized traffic between SteelHead solutions across private and Internet links with standardsbased encryption • SteelCentral Controller indicates configuration changes as compared to policy
  • (RBAC) Role-based access control for easier administration and security when used with WinSec Controller


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